Sakamoto Tube Feeding Trainer IIMovie
Weight/about 10kg
Case size/ W92xD35xH30cm
Accessories/ Tube feeding Catheter, Catheter tip type syringe, Stoma button, Pseudo tracheal cannula, Lubricant, Pseudo sputa, Container for mixing pseudo sputa, Muddler for mixing pseudo sputa, Silicon cap, Tray, Storage case



Attention on handling

Training possible both Tube feeding and Suction! 

Sakamoto Tube Feeding Trainer II


1. It can be set to the appropriate position,
such as semi-sitting position.

Head part moves left and right

2. Using xiphoid process mark as indicator ,
the length of insertion of the catheter can be measured.

※Catheters in size range from 5~15Fr can be used .

3. Easy maintenance!

Cover of body, tanks are easily removable, cleansing of tank with water is possible.
Head part is also removable, more careful cleansing is possible.



 1. Insertion of catheter
Nasal (both available)/oral catheter insertion is possible.
2. Confirmation of reaching of catheter
Reaching of the catheter into the stomach can be confirmed by suctioning gastric juice (water) or auscultating bubble sound after inject air with a syringe.

Stethoscope is not included.

3. Care of the wearer of the gastric fistula
It is possible to practice caring of the wearer of gastric fistula. Actual nutrient can be injected.

Nutrient, forceps, cotton are not included.

4. Suction
In addition to the suctioning associated to the tube feeding, simple suction function in the intubation tube and tracheal cannula is possible.

Cannula, suction tube are not included.


Head Part of M190 for SuctionAccessories/ Pseudo sputa, Container for mixing pseudo sputa, Muddler for mixing pseudo sputa, Catheter tip type syringe, Silicon cap, Tray, Lubricant