Blood Pressure Mechanism Model Quantity: 2 units for 1 set
Weight: About 4kg
Case size: W55 x D38 x H33cm
Accessories: Storage case




The teaching materials to study a principle of the blood pressure

Blood Pressure Mechanism Model

The best teaching materials for group study!
Experiments bring them good understanding!

By former teaching methods with tonometers, you can learn only the skill about blood pressure measurement, but you feel difficulty to learn the principle of it. The new kits teaches students "What is the blood pressure?" such as the relation between blood pressure and the beat of the heart. It is so good for group study that student can make a pleasant discussion about experiment. It is light, compact and easy to use. We proudly recommend you to use these kits.

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Blood Pressure Mechanism Model セット内容


  • Can grasp how to measure the blood pressure with the mercury and practice by use of arm model.
  • Can get the image of entire circulatory of the blood sent from heart to vein circulating all over and returning to heart, retraction of heart, function of blood sent into vein by expansion.
    Can also understand the relations among heartbeat and pulse, highest and lowest pressure with reality.
  • Will solve the "secret" of blood pressure measurement by simulator used experiment, such as "Why is it possible to measure the pressure of vein inside by doing so to bounded arm from outside?"


  • Light, Compact and Easy to Use!Light, Compact and Easy to Use!
  • Excellent kits how to measure blood pressure.Excellent kits how to measure blood pressure.
  • As group study is available, this enable to have clear understanding by discussion whenever questions arise through experiment.