KIYOKO Wig (extra charge)
Male genitals





Various joints move naturally as those of human body,
and can simulate with feeling close to actual patient.

  • The head can be turned laterally to 30˚ in both directions as well as upward and downward so that the model can take nearly the same postures as the human body.
  • The lower back smoothly bends anteriorly and posteriorly. The model can be seated in a wheelchair for simulation with a feeling similar to seating a real patient.
  • Various joints including the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles move naturally as those of the human body and enable smooth execution of practice of changing clothes and bedding.
  • Since the lower limbs can be freely moved back and forward or abducted, the legs can be spread sufficiently. Practice of assistance in excretion using a bedpan or a urinal can be performed with a true to life feeling.


  • Can actually be bathed.
  • Water spontaneously flows into the model so that it can be dipped into water. Drained quickly when it is lifted up from water.
  • Tolerates the use of showers, sponge, and detergents.
  • Smooth movements of the body.


When the model is immersed in water, water spontaneously flows into it to keep it from floating, enabling smooth practice of bathing. It is drained when it is lifted up from water.
The model, made of vinyl chloride, tolerates the use of showers, sponge, and detergents.


Height 160cm
Weight About 13kg
Material Vinyl chloride