Decubitus Treatment Simulator 4 types in 1 set
Weight (1 piece): About 1.5kg
Size (1 piece): W39 x D22 x H10cm Directors: Takaoka station south clinic president Kunio Tsukada, Kanazawa University premedical course Hiromi Sanada




Decubitus Treatment Simulator

Decubitus series describing particularity of each stage from I〜IV with reality.

By fastening to the human body or a model doll, practical training can be done on treatment of Decubitus. There are 4 types (stages I〜IV) in 1 set. Colors have been added to express the different features of each stage. They have been done from the inside, so the colors will not drop even if chemicals are used or when washed. The colors of the part infected by Decubitus will not change even after the drill. The structure of damage in the epiderm and the soft touch of each stage have been reproduced realistically, so one can practice treatment in the various stages. It comes with a fastening belt making it possible to attach to a human body.

Stage I

Stage I

The epiderm has not yet been torn but a rash can be observed.

Stage II

Stage 2

Abrasion, bleeding, and effusion can be observed.

Stage III

Stage 2I

Healing process of stage IV where the fascia and deeper had been affected.

Stage IV

Stage IV

There exists a hole widely separating the fascia and periosteum from the hypodermal organ.