Fit-on Manual Disimpaction Simulator Movie Weight: About 4kg
Case size: W55 x D26 x H27cm
Accessories: Belt, Artificial excrement, Lubricant jelly , Baby powder, Storage case
Director/Hiromi Tashiro




The feel of the anal and rectal areas is realistic.

Fit-on Manual Disimpaction Simulator



●Setting the artificial stool

Artificial stool can be easily set and used repeatedly.

  • 1. Remove the cap from the top of the simulator. To remove the cap easily, pinch the cap at the recesses on both sides and pull it out.
  • 2. Take an appropriate volume of the artificial stool, and push and insert it into the simulator (the rectal area).
  • 3. Replace the cap on the simulator. Push in the cap so that it is aligned with the surface of the simulator.

●Easy to fit-on

By fastening the belt, fitting-on can be easily done.

The wearable design enables training in actual postures.
Suitable for practice in pairs or a group.

The anal area can be removed for cleaning.