Sakamoto Communication trainer Movie

"Monshin" ● Height:160cm ● Weight:Approx. 17kg ● Accessories:Monshin Manikin, Tablet terminal, Special audio transmission unit,Special camera with recording function x 2, Pajamas, Baby powder, I.V.Pad x 1



"Monshin" - Sakamoto Communication trainer



1. Simulated patient function

The instructor's voice can be projected from the Monshin manikin to make it soun d like it is the patient's voice. Furthermore, the students' voices come back to the instructor, so that conversation and diagnosis training can be carried out by remote operation.

2. Recording function

Monshin's built-in subjective view camera and the objective-view camera which can be set up anywhere as desired can be used to check images using a tablet. Furthermore, moving images can be recorded for use in group meetings to review the training which has been carried out.

3. Training manik in functions

The Monshin manikin is manufactured from silicone with a quality close to that of real skin.Training in medical procedures can be carried out with the sensation of touching the skin of a real person. (Injection practice, positioning, transferring, etc.) The manikin can also be placed in a sitting position, and the various joints can be flexed and remain in position. Sakamoto's uniquely-manufactured task trainer can be worn in order to recreate a more realistic scenario when carrying out medical procedures and responding to the patient.


Height 160cm
Weight Approx.17kg
Accessories ・Monshin Manikin
・Tablet terminal
・Special audio transmission unit
・Special camera with recording function x 2
・Baby powder
・I.V.Pad x 1

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