Sakamoto Acupuncture Simulator for Sciatic NerveMovie Weight: About 3.2kg




Sakamoto Acupuncture Simulator for Sciatic Nerve

Practical training using a lateral position model simulating an actual patient.

This model permits the practical training at a lateral position simulating actual treatment, aiming at mastering the accurate acupuncture skills for each individual postures. Since the skin is made of special material allowing more practical training close to the actual environment. The iliac crest (iliac spine), great trochanter, and ischial tuberosity are incorporated in the model. The trainees can practice palpating, and the green light turns on and a chime sounds when the needle is inserted to the correct point facilitating easy self-practice.



1. Technique 1

  • Technique 1
  • Technique 1Posterior superior iliac spine - great trochanter

2. Technique 2

  • Technique 2
  • Technique 2Ischial tuberosity - great trochanter

3. Needle insertion

Needle insertion