New Aged Simulation Suit M176-6 (S size)
M176-7 (M size)
M176-8 (L size)
M176-9 (LL size)
Weight: About 7kg
Accessories: Special goggles(1 pair), Ear plugs(40 pieces), Gloves(10 pairs), Weights ankle(4 pieces), Weights wrist(4 pieces), Cane(1 piece), Storage bag(1 piece), Belt cover(100 pieces)




Easy to put on and take off, ensuring smooth practice

New Aged Simulation SuitNew Aged Simulation Suit


1. Fit-on


It takes only about 3 minutes to put on the suit. This body suit type gear worn like overalls allows students to experience restrictions in physical functions with little loss of time.

2. Adjustment


The movable range and bendability of the hips can be freely adjusted. Characteristics of the elderly such as stooped backs can be simulated by changing the balance between the lengths of the left and right belts.

3. Restriction Belt

Restriction Belt

Newly developed neck/elbow/knee control belts restrict motion ranges. The wearer can experience the fear of not being able to promptly cope with danger.


The product designed on the basis of data allows the wearer to experience physical changes due to aging.



S size Recommended stature 145cm-155cm
Weight 200g arm weights (4 pieces), 400g leg weights (4 pieces)
Body color Green
M size Recommended stature 155cm-165cm
Weight 200g arm weights (4 pieces), 400g leg weights (4 pieces)
Body color Yellow
L size Recommended stature 165cm-175cm
Weight 250g arm weights (4 pieces), 500g leg weights (4 pieces)
Body color Orange
LL size Recommended stature 175cm-185cm
Weight 300g arm weights (4 pieces), 600g leg weights (4 pieces)
Body color Green

Exchangeable parts

Ear plugs 20 pieces
Gloves 10 pairs
Belt cover 100 pieces

Conventional model

M176-0 S-size
M176-1 M-size
M176-2 L-size
M176-3 LL-size
For details of the specifications for this product, contact Sakamoto Model.