"TOMOKO Plus" - Physical Assessment doll Movie Accessories: Accessories/Tablet PC, Control box, Exclusive bedside monitor, Stethoscope, Exclusive sphygmomanometer,Exclusive electrodes with leads, Penlight, Exclusive pulse oximeter, Pajamas, Baby powder




"New TOMOKO" - Nursing Training Manikin



1.Starts up quickly just by turning ON the power . Display is clear with simple settings.
You can start training the moment that you turn the power ON from the special tablet. All training can be performed on the easy-to-use touch panel. There is absolutely no specialized equipment setup or complicated settings
Open●Basic menu screen Open●Detailed display screen
Open●Simulation settings can be saved Open●Multiple languages available
2. Master the basics, covering 8 items in the physical assessment.
Features various symptoms that can be experienced in a medical setting, such as respiration and pupillary reflex. Facilitates training to ensure proper technique and accurate understanding of the patient’s conditions during the assessment.


Check respiratory rate
<Setting> 7 levels ranging from 10-40 breaths/min
ECG Auscultation of cardiac sounds
<Setting> 9 case examples <Setting> 20 case examples
Learn pulse palpitation
<Setting> 12 levels ranging from 30-140 beats/min
Check breath sounds Check pulse oximeter
<Setting> 12 case examples <Setting> SpO2 80, 90 and 99%
Check pupillary reflex
<Setting> 4 types
Blood pressure measurement
<Setting> Range covers 80-200 for the systolic phase
(upper) and 50-120 for the diastolic phase (lower )


Height 160cm
Weight 26kg(Body 15kg, Accessories 11kg)

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