Fit-on Intravouns Injection Trainer I.V. Pad (5 pcs/ set)Movie ●Quantity/5 pieces/set
●Accessories/Replacement blood vessels 1.8 mm x 5, 3 mm x 5, Stick for exchange vessels
●<Undiluted artificial blood 100 cc sold separately>




A blood collection and injection trainer for veterinary professionals is now available!

The training of injection and blood sampling is easier and speedier!

It can be used for injection procedures required by veterinary professionals such as drawing blood and administering medication.

Veterinary technicians can also now engage in procedures such as drawing blood and administering medication (orally).

In order to improve techniques, it is necessary to carry out repeated training in injection areas with varying difficulty on animals of different types and sizes.

The I.V. Pad Animal can be fitted anywhere, and is an ideal simulator for repeated training which uses our unique blood vessel replacement procedures.



Compact for use anywhere!



* Fits a variety of body types!!

2.Wrap tightly!

Wrap tightly! Good fit!

* When fitted to the lateral saphenous vein.

Easy vessel change. Easy maintenance.


2.Pull out!

Connect a stick to a vessel! Pull vessel! Exchangeable vessels are the first among Sakamoto injection series.

Does not come off even in different holding postures! Suitable for animals of many different sizes.

Insert indwelling needle /Fix by Adhesive tape
The skin is made using our unique technology and does not leave puncture marks! It has a long usage life with replacement of blood vessels all that is needed.