Sakamoto electric venipuncture trainer Movie

●Weight : 4.5kg ●Case size: 61(W)×28(D)×20(H)cm 
●Accessories: Arm model x 2, Injection pad (with blood vessels) x 2, Tank with integrated pump, AC adapter, Replacement blood vessels x 10 (standard size), Blood vessel threader, Baby powder, Spare stopper cap x 2, Cup, Blood vessel connection tube x 4




A new double lineup for training in intravenous injection is born. Low cost and easy to use solutions.

Sakamoto electric venipuncture trainer


1. Injection pad with a soft feel

This product is softer than previous pads and seeks to provide a more realistic feel. It is also possible to create backflows and to use vacuum blood collection tubes. (for both M203 and M204)

2. Preparation and cleaning up are also simple and quick

We have developed a tank with integrated pump which is compact and easy to carry. The water fills the blood vessels and preparation is complete simply by turning on the power for the pump kit, and cleaning up is completed by tilting the arm so that the water flows back into the tank. (M203 only)

3. Low cost

The injection pads have been redesigned to make them more durable and lower in cost. This means they can be used for repeated training by even more people than previous injection pads.

Stock Solution for Simulated blood 100cc

● Weight:2.5kg
● Bag size:25(W)×58(D)×22(H)cm